Nadi Pyasi Thi

Nadi Pyasi Thi, a Dharmveer Bharti’s play is based on the orthodox rituals, followed blindly by the people of small towns and orthodox mentality that results in the disaster and distraction of human & social relationships. Shri Bharti’s play consists of five characters Shankar, Sheela, Rajesh, Padma and Dr. Krishna Swaroop Kakkad. Shankar & Sheela are married couple, living happily enjoying their life. Padma is Sheela’s younger sister who came to visit Sheela & Shankar for some days who is in love with Dr. Krishna Swaroop Kakkad, Shankar’s local friend. Suddenly, the play takes a turn when Shankar’s college friend Rajesh (writer) comes to visit him, who is fed up of his life, frustrated, depressed and suffering from cardiac disease. Padma who loves singing poetry and reading literature, takes care of Rajesh during the course of his treatment which Dr. Krishna dislikes and tries to possess & dominate Padma. Padma in return refuses to Dr. Krishna in an argument. Insulted Krishna tries to kill Rajesh. This suspence creates a puzzle in Bharti’s play. What happens to the lives of Rajesh, Padma and Dr. Krishna has to be seen in the play.


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