Khoya Hua Aadmi

Mankind in today’s modern, ambitious and technology driven world is assumed to be all time best. When the focus is on technology, laws and processes to make things better the emphasis on personal relationships, emotions, and feelings has considerably reduced. In quest to succeed and live more comfortable lives, we apparently seem to have forgot the values of morals, honor, dignity and respect. The world has become a race to success and wealth, and in this race we are unconsciously running in the wrong direction. When a man gains today in his selfish, the mankind loses each time. Khoya Hua Aadmi tries to tall a story of how life in metro is complicated and that no matter what we have, there is a definite lack of contentment. Amar and Seema are a middle class couple that live in a metro city and the play takes audience through the journey of their life through humor, tragedy and drama. Kuljeet, who is Amar’s brother, betrays him with his selfish wife. If Amar can come back through the crisis or does he break down is to be seen in the play.

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