About Us

KARMAYOGI CREATIVE GROUP is a theater group basically working in the field of Performing Arts. The group was formed in January 2009 in Bhopal (M.P.). The basic purpose of the group is to perform stage plays and promote theaters and performing arts across the country. The main stream of the group is theaters and it is proud that the group is working constantly and consistently since then and its plays have been applauded in the several theater festivals across the country.

Karmayogi Creative Group was formed with the vision to be a place where everyone can contribute, a forum where every voice is heard, a platform where art and artists are nurtured, with the sense that it would be a group where people from every aspect of art i.e. Literature, Music, Drama, Painting, Designing, Film Making etc., join hands without any differences of age and status. Gradually people from different fields are getting connected with the group and it has started spreading its wings getting ready to fly. We aim’s to excel in performing arts. Thus we specializes in theaters and stage plays.